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The Carolinas Aviation Museum strives to collect aircraft which are relevant to aviation in the Carolinas. Typically this would include aircraft which have been flown in the Carolinas. Our collection also includes aircraft which are historically significant and relevant to the development of aviation in the Carolinas. (Photo of CAF B-29 FiFi and B-24 visiting the Museum in 2004).

Although the Museum does have a target list of aircraft to acquire, given the difficulties of obtaining aircraft, we must by necessity be opportunistic when acquiring aircraft. After getting off to a slow start about 12 years ago, we have now built up a collection of just under 50 aircraft. We have also set a goal of acquiring up to an additional 50 aircraft over the next 10 years with the objective of creating the premier aviation museum between Washington DC and southern Georgia.





Commercial Aircraft Collection

Our commercial aircraft collection focuses on aircraft that are historically significant to the aviation in the Carolinas. Among these aircraft, the flag ship of our Museum is the Piedmont Airlines DC-3. In addition, our collection includes other aircraft which provided air service to the Carolinas.

(Photo of Museum's Piedmont Airlines DC-3 at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport)




Douglas Aircraft Company 1944 DC-3 N44V

Piedmont Airlines - Flyable - Former C-47



General Aviation Aircraft Collection

Our General Aviation aircraft collection focuses on personal general aviation aircraft that have been flown in the Carolinas or are historically significant in the development of general aviation.

(Photo of Museum's 1940 Bellanca 14-9L Crusair)




Bellanca 1940 14-9L Crusair Serial # 1037 / N1KQ

State Airlines - Could be Flyable



Ercoupe 1946 415-C Serial # 3805 / N3180H

Owned by Allen Johnson from 1970 to 2004 - Could be Flyable



Long/Schweizer 1948 Midget Mustang Serial # 100001

Goodyear Air Racer - Could be Flyable



Wright Brothers 1902 Wright Glider

Reproduction - On Display at Charlotte-Douglas Airport



Military Aircraft Collection

By far our largest collection, our Military Aircraft collection includes aircraft from all branches of the armed forces of the United States of America. Most of these aircraft have some connection to the Carolinas, and many are actual combat veterans.

A large part of our collection is post-war jet fighters from the 1950s and 1960s. More recently we have begun to add more modern fighters such as our USMC Harrier and F-4 Phantoms.

(Photo of Museum's US Navy Boeing Stearman)



Boeing 1953 KC-97 Stratotanker Serial # 53-0335

Texas Air National Guard (Cockpit Only)


McDonnell Douglas 1982 AV-8B-1 Harrier Serial # 161397

United States Marines, #3 US Built Harrier / #2 Flight test aircraft -5000+ hrs of test flight time


Boeing 1941 PT-17/ N2S Kaydet Serial # 41-8706

United States Navy


McDonnell Douglas 1985 F-4S Phantom II Serial # 155872

USMC VMFA-235 Barbers Point / MCAS Cherry Point


Cessna 1952 L-19 Bird Dog Serial 0-20777 / N777VN

United States Army - Flyable


McDonnell Douglas 1985 F-4S Phantom II Serial # 158353

USMC VMFA-235 Barbers Point / (Cockpit Only)


Convair 1956 YF-102 Delta Dagger Ser 31788

USAF 2nd of 10 YF prototypes produced - SC Air Guard


McDonnell Douglas 1957 F-101B Voodoo Serial # 56-0243

Flew with Nevada Air National Guard


Douglas 1947 D-558-1 Skystreak Serial # 37972

This was Aircraft # 3, last flown by Scott Crossfield


North American 1950 T-28B Trojan Serial # 37285

United States Army


Douglas 1956 A4D-1 Skyhawk Serial # 14-2226

US Marines 156th of 2960 built


North American 1962 T-2A Buckeye Serial # 148239

United States Navy - Last Single Engine Airframe


Douglas 1944 C-47 Dakota Serial # 12907/ 43-49926

Royal Canadian Air Force - Burma Veteran


North American F-86L Sabre Jet Serial #

United States Air Force - (In Storage)


Grumman 1962 OV-1D Mohawk Serial # 62-5890 / N1209P

United States Army - Flyable - Vietnam Veteran - Flyable


North American 1944 SNJ-5C Serial # 90906

MCAS El Torro Air Group 31 / Last Service 1958 - Flyable


Grumman 1962 OV-1D Mohawk Serial # 62-5874 / N1171Y

United States Army - Flyable - Vietnam, Korea, Honduras - Flyable


Republic 1942 P-47D Thunderbolt Serial #42-22331

Wreckage from WWII Training Mission Crash - Ocean Isle, NC


LTV 1956 A-7E2 Corsair II Serial # 159971

VA-72 Desert Storm USS John F Kennedy


Republic F-84G Thunderjet Serial #

United States Air Force Korean War Jet Fighter -


Lockheed 1944 TV-1/P-80 Shooting Star Serial # 33866

United States Marines


Waco Aircraft Company 1941 CG-4 Waco Combat Glider

United States Army Air Forces - In Storage recovered from SC


Lockheed 194? TV-2/T-33 Shooting Star Ser ??

United States Navy - (In Storage)



Lockheed 194? TV-2/T-33 Shooting Star Ser ??

United States Navy - (#2 In Storage)


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