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Air Shows - Award-Winning Flying Aircraft & Static Displays

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Since 1996

Since 1996 the Carolinas Aviation Museum's historic flying aircraft have been attending and performing air shows across the eastern United States. From New York to Florida, and as far west as the Mississippi, at military bases and civilian airports, our aircraft and static displays excite visitors young and old.

Flown by highly experienced airline and military flight crews, our pilots also have significant air show experience. (Photo: Museum's F-4S Phantom II cockpit)



Piedmont Airlines Douglas DC-3 - Flying

Few in the aviation community need an explanation of the importance of the Douglas DC-3. This aircraft created the world's first affordable and reliable air transport from its introduction in 1935, and was a key airline aircraft through the mid-1950s.

Our aircraft has been flying on the air show circuit and used in movies since being fully restored by Piedmont Airlines in 1986. Restored in original colors, this aircraft is a rare perfect example of the airplane which created the modern air travel we all now take for granted.

In 2003, our DC-3 received the EAA's "Best Transport Award" at Oshkosh. In addition to fly-by performances, our complete historically accurate interior makes our DC-3 the perfect static display.

Grumman OV-1D Mohawk - Two Flying Aircraft

Designed for battlefield tactical, visual, electronic, and photo reconnaissance, the Mohawk soon evolved into a multi-sensor platform that was the eyes and ears of the United States Army. From the jungles of Vietnam, to the cold-war stand-off in Germany and Korea, the Mohawk kept commanders on the ground fully briefed.

Both of our OV-1D aircraft as 100% original stock United States Army aircraft, and are maintained in exceptionally historic and accurate condition representing the aircraft's final military configuration in 1996. For historical accuracy, all of our aircrews wear authentic flight gear when making all appearances.

Because most of our pilots were actual Mohawk pilots in the military, we are able to demonstrate historically accurate STOL take-offs, and fly the aircraft as they were actually used by the military.

With a large bubble cockpit, the Mohawk is an excellent aircraft for VIP flights and aerial photography.

Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker - Cockpit Only

The KC-97 Stratotanker is basically a B-29 which was expanded to create the world's first dedicated aerial tanker for in-flight refueling in the late 1940's. Fully restored to represent at late model KC-97L that was used buy active Air Force and Air National Guard tanker crews through the mid-1970's, our cockpit makes a perfect static display.

The large, roomy cockpit enables large or small groups of people to move through the aircraft with ease, and get a feel for the complexity of such a large four-engine aircraft. All the flight positions have been fully restored, with most of the panels and lights illuminating.

McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II - Cockpit Only

Quite probably the greatest fighter of the post war era, and one of the most numerous with 5,195 built in sever major versions, the F-4 Phantom represents the peak in multi role efficiency for its time.

Our F-4S Phantom II cockpit is fully equipped and in mint condition. At air shows and community events we invite visitors to climb in and experience the hands-on feel of this big jet fighter.

AN/TSW-7 Battlefield Control Tower

Our most recent addition, the AN/TSW-7 Air Traffic Control Center was designed to provide military air traffic controllers with the basic equipment required to rapidly launch and recover aircraft at remote airfields with damaged or no control towers.

The unit provides controllers with access to land lines, UHF/VHF radios, crash phones, emergency warning and evacuation alarm signals, barometers, tape recorders, NAVAIDS monitors, light guns, and wind measuring equipment.

Transported by truck to your air show or community event, our control tower provides and excellent static display for your visitors with a first hand view of air traffic control.


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