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Movies and Films Our Aircraft Have Been Used to Produce

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Need Historic Aircraft for a Movie or Commercial?

Our aircraft and crews have worked with numerous film companies to make movies, TV shows, and commercials over the past few years.





List of Some Recent Movie & Film Work


Shake Rattle & Roll
TV Movie
North Carolina
Sharon Stone
About Kim Philby the British/Russian Spy
Glory Road
Austin Nichols

Walt Disney Pictures - Don Haskins & 1966 1st All Black NCAA Basketball Team --- Jerry Bruckheimer


(Photo: Museum's Piedmont Airlines DC-3 being used for film work in Montreal Canada. Roll-over image - decals being applied to simulate SAS DC-3 for movie work)






Filming at the Museum

In addition to making our aircraft available for movies, we also rent out the museum for the filming of TV commercials, and still photography. Our aircraft and hangars make a great place for a photo shoot or a car commercial.

For more information about renting the museum or our aircraft for photo shoots, please contact:

Mark Schroder
Carolinas Aviation Museum
4108 Airport Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

e-mail at:
[email protected]

Phone 704-359-8442, Fax 704-359-0057



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