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Aircraft Restoration Projects

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Experts in Aircraft Restoration

Recovering an aircraft is only part of the story. After an aircraft has been recovered, it must be restored in order to be put on display.

Often this a difficult and time consuming task. Typically, much more time will be involved in restoring an aircraft than recovering one (although there have been some exceptions).

Through the tireless dedication of our volunteers (many who have significant experience in aircraft repair with the NC Air National Guard, US Airways, Piedmont Airlines, and others), we are constantly trying to restore our aircraft as historically accurate as possible. (Picture - Stearman wing - roll-over - CH-46 Restoration)

Wide Range of Aircraft Restoration Experience

From scratch building an full-scale 1903 Wright Glider to our D-558 Skystreak, the Museum staff have tackled a wide range of projects.








(SNJ-5C Texan Pictured Above - roll-over - one of the Museum's Tool Rooms)

Current Restoration Projects

April 2005 - Boeing CH-46D - USMC "Blood Sweat & Tears" Medal of Honor Winner - Vietnam & Iraq

May 2005 - Chance-Vought 1956 SSM-N-8 Regulus 1 Cruse Missile Serial # 67195



Photo: Brent Vandervort restoring CH-46 at the Museum April 2005 - Roll-over image of CH-46 being delivered to Museum.






Join Us on a Restoration Project

Although many of our team members have significant experience in restoring aircraft, we are always looking for and welcoming those who want to participate in these exciting projects. You do not need any prior experience, just a wiliness to help out, learn, and have fun.

If you would like to join us on a restoration project or are in need of assistance in restoring a historic aircraft, please contact us:

Carolinas Aviation Museum
Aircraft Restoration Projects - Acquisitions Director
4108 Airport Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
e-mail at: [email protected]

Phone 704-359-8442, Fax 704-359-0057





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